Thursday, September 23, 2010

While the Democrats want to continue the spending, and since the government doesn't earn money, that means higher taxes for all of us and the inflation of the money supply when the fed prints more paper notes, which in turn means the value of the dollar becomes worth less.
On the other hand the Republicans talk about cutting the spending, but in reality only want to trim some of the fat, but offer no real change either, which by now we should be used to from both sides of the aisle.
But there is one man who stands alone when it comes to truly addressing the issues, such as the bloated Military Industrial Complex, failed departments like those including education & energy, he of course is Congressman Ron Paul.
Ron Paul realizes you can't just take away the welfare system without changing the game entirely, and you can't talk about truly cutting the spending without addressing the foreign policy or the federal reserves haphazardly going to the printing press every time they want to "stimulate" the economy.
Real change IS needed in this country, and not just the tired Rhetoric of the two-party failed system, it's time to change the system completely, less government & more individual freedoms
and according to the end of this video, we still have hope for that.

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